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Age Related Wear and Tear

Aches, pains and repetitive strains? Not moving as easily as you used to? Then a general maintenance program may help.

Without general maintenance, injury, pain and stiffness can accumulate and trail throughout the body. Many become accustomed to living with low to medium grade pain and restricted movement, this can lead to new patterns of tension and altered gait. For example, a common complaint can begin to affect the soft tissue surrounding the affected area or joint as well as the integrity of neighbouring joints.

A general decline in muscle tone, strength and flexibility is sadly part and parcel of the ageing process. Living a sedentary lifestyle will also often increase injury; recovery time and can lead to further aches and pains. However, this deterioration can be delayed or prevented by generally caring for your body and mind day-to-day, and once in a while reviewing your state via a general maintenance program.

Your treatment plan

After a thorough medical history and examination procedure treatment needs to address the underlying causes and any exacerbating factors. 

Acupuncture - is a fantastic tool not only for pain relief but for wear and tear and can be used as a temporary adjunctive treatment for osteoarthritis knee pain. 

Massage - A combination of bodywork such as tui na, acupressure, massage, reflexology, relaxation, breathing and mindful awareness exercises are also a core strategy that has proven helpful for many people.

Other Lifestyle factors - Creating restful sleep patterns, making sure you have the right diet, nutrients and nourishing eating habits are also key, as well as addressing any emotional issues that may be involved.

British Acupuncture Research Fact Sheets - For further information please take a look at the related issues section on the right hand-side of the screen.

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  • Lorna is really helping my chronic back problem. I come into the clinic for a top up as and when is needed and her acupuncture helps to keep me going.

    John (86): Acupuncture
  • One visit to Lorna told me more about my condition than anyone else, she knows her subject and more, it is well worth a consultation with her.

    Jennifer (63): Acupuncture
  • I have been having acupuncture for shoulder and neck problems. On my first visit Lorna took a detailed history and explained about Chinese medicine and how it can help. I was extremely impressed with the calmness of the clinic and the gentleness of her approach. After my first session there was significant improvement in the level of pain and the range of movement but alongside this for the first time in months I have had a good night sleep. Thank you Lorna for all your help.

    Carol (56): Acupuncture
  • I initially went to Lorna to get some help to relax and de-stress, but after consultation Lorna identified and went on to successfully treat the pain in my neck, shoulder and arm which I had had for many years and had been told would need to be treated with steroids – something I was not keen to do. The results are amazing and have given me back full mobility. On one occasion I visited Lorna because I could not turn my head or lift my arm unaided but within 15 minutes of treatment I could swing my arm in a complete circle and turn my head fully from side to side – nothing short of miraculous! My stress levels have also reduced. Lorna is so approachable and easy to talk to - she makes you feel really relaxed and inspires confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend her. When my shoulder was particularly bad Lorna strapped it with acu-tape a number of times as I had long journeys through France to contend with and she also used it on my ankle when I twisted it and in both areas I found it to be very beneficial.

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    Hilary (52): Acupuncture
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