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COVID-19 Clinic Updates



At Health Point Clinic, community health has always been our priority. We are taking every precaution to ensure your health and trust whilst you continue to use our services. To ensure that we all protect ourselves from passing on anything to those most at risk, we are making the following patient requests:


PATIENT SCREENING FORMS - Whilst we love to chat and get to know every patient that walks through our doors, we have to look to reduce face-to-face consultation times. We will be doing this by screening every patient via online health check forms, that can easily be filled out on all devices. If you are not computer savvy please do not worry, we will book in a telehealth or phone call with you. Alternatively, please ask a friend or family member to help. This will in no way reduce your treatment time, in fact, it will allow you a longer relaxation time on the treatment bench, a relaxing minibreak I am sure you are in need of.

EVERY PATIENT - Will receive a booking confirmation email, and the day before your treatment, a reminder email. These emails will contain links to the relevant patient forms you will need to fill out before every appointment. The relevant links of which can also be found down below.

  • ALL NEW AND EXISTING PATIENTS - Please fill out our COVID-19 consent form emailed to you before every treatment.
  • ALL NEW PATIENTS - Please fill out the new patient consent form and GDPR form
  • ALL EXISTING PATIENTS - Please fill out our follow up form (emailed to you before every treatment). If you have also not yet filled out our GDPR form, please take the chance to do so.


  • NEW/EXISTING PATIENTS - Forms will be available at the clinic, however, please call or let us know so that we can schedule extra time between treatments and avoid patient crossover. These will be filled out in your treatment room and Lorna will guide you as to how to reduce face-to-face contact time. 
  • NEW PATIENTS ONLY - A longer new patient consultation is now available when booking online. This is only if you are unable to fill out the New Patient Forms online. 

If you are feeling 'out of sorts' and experiencing any of the symptoms below, please do not come in for your appointment. We would much rather reschedule your appointment. We have modified our cancellation policy to offer greater flexibility to all our patients. We hope this will alleviate any stress and hesitation you have about your upcoming appointment.


  1. Headache
  2. Tiredness 
  3. Muscle ache
  4. Respiratory symptoms (besides a cough, such as a sore throat, blocked or running nose)
  5. Gastro-intestinal symptoms (these are more common in children than adults)
  6. Loss of smell and taste (in some cases this may be the only symptom present) (1.)


  • LOOSE FITTING/COMFY CLOTHING - Always recommended.
  • FACE MASKS - Please bring your own face mask. We have disposable ones upon request.
  • DISPOSABLE GLOVES - Whilst good hand hygiene is always best, we have disposable gloves available upon request.
  • FACE SHIELDS AVAILABLE - Whilst we have tried to reduce the face-to-face consultation time, we also have face shields available for you if needed/requested. These will be disinfected before and after use. Your practitioner may also wear one as and when needed. 
  • YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLE/THERMOS - Whilst we will still keep you hydrated when needed, it is best to bring your own bottle. This also helps to reduce plastic. I am afraid herbal teas and post treatment nibbles will have to wait to resume.


  • PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME - We need to run to time to thoroughly clean, ventilate each treatment room and avoid patient crossover.
  • EARLY ARRIVALS - please wait in your car until your allotted time. If you have walked or received a lift/taxi to the clinic, please wait in reception on one of the physically distanced chairs.
  • DO NOT BE LATE - If you are running late please call the clinic, we may need to reschedule your appointment as we need time to deep clean and ventilate the treatment room.  
  • CLINIC ARRIVAL - You will be welcomed (sorry no handshake or high fives) and brought straight through to your treatment room, where we ask that you wash your hands immediately before and after your treatment.
  • HAND SANITISING STATIONS - Available in both clinic’s reception, treatment rooms and Lido corridors.
  • PHYSICAL DISTANCING - will be maintained unless providing a treatment.



  • Whilst we accept all the usual card payments (sorry no American Express) if you do not have apple pay and would prefer to avoid a card terminal, we can now send you a payment link so that you can pay by mobile.
  • Our card machine is disinfected before and after every payment.
  • We also accept telephone payments and so you can prepay over the phone or in person and we can type your payment in.
  • You can also prepay by purchasing online treatment vouchers via our website.


  • Rest assured we have very proficient cleaning procedures. We have increased these throughout the day and week, between every patient, treatment room and reception. Each clinic is checked yearly and certified by the Jersey Care Commission.
  • Clinics – the common parts at the Lido and St. Martin clinic are thoroughly and regularly cleaned.
  • Only one person at a time is allowed in the lift at the Lido as instructed on the signage.
  • At the Lido, all common doors are kept open throughout the day so that no door handles need to be touched, and there are plenty of hand sanitiser dispensers throughout the corridors.
  • Weather depending, the St. Martin front door will be open however if it is shut wave through the front window and a member of our team will open the door to let you in.

Education and selfcare is key to remaining calm. We are regularly reviewing governmental updates and procedures for both healthcare and business purposes. We will immediately update you with any relevant information which relates to your care and wellbeing at Health Point Clinic.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic. We are happy to help and look forward to seeing you.

Best wishes and keep safe,

Lorna and the team.

Lorna Jackson acupuncture Jersey

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  • I was referred to Lorna by my local GP after the re-occurance of problems in my shoulder and neck. The injury was from being hit by a car while out cycling over 18 months ago. Lorna quickly assessed the problem of the damaged muscle area but also correctly predicted the secondary effects on other muscles. Lorna is very professional and dedicated to her work that it makes your treatment less stressful. I would recommend Lorna to anyone, especially sports people looking to clear up injuries in a positive way with long term benefits.

    Peter (39): Acupuncture
  • Massively grateful to Health Point Clinic's Lorna Jackson for the incredible difference she's made to my chronic back pain... Oh my god, why didn't I get on to acupuncture years ago?! Lorna didn't just address the issues that were highlighted by all of the 'regular' doctors, consultants and experts - she nailed it (pardon the pun) with astute recognition of a number of my body's quirks, such as hyper mobility as being a contributing factor to everything else; three prolapsed discs, facet joint problems and pain and sciatica and numbness - to name a few of the delightful symptoms. For the first time in a very long time, I feel like someone listened to me, took notice of my chronic pain symptoms and the other attributed issues and addressed the root causes of what has been one of the most hindering factors in my life. I cant recommend Lorna Jackson and Health Point enough. I'm more mobile, my pain is barely measuring on the 1-10 for the most part, and I'm starting to feel like I can get my life back on track. Only three/four weeks ago, I honestly thought I was going to end up in a wheel chair within the next few years. The pain metrics between 1-10 meant nothing - constant mind shattering pain and immobility don't 'fit' within a 1-10 scale... Now I feel like I'm almost ready to start those essential core exercises and address the strength, fitness and maintenance that my body so desperately needs.

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    Lucy (37): Acupuncture
  • Can't beat Lorna and her needles for pain relief and rehabilitation!

    Nat (37): Acupuncture
  • Lorna is awesome, I went to see her after having a headache for 3 days and I actually felt the pressure in my head lifting as she did the acupuncture.

    Yvonne (54): Acupuncture
  • From the start I’ve found Lorna to be very professional. The setting created in the office was very relaxing and comfortable in one of our meeting rooms. Lorna explained the process of acupuncture and the steps in the treatment to follow. As the treatment started, Lorna determined the main spots in the back and neck area where the tension was. She was spot on and as she inserted the needles I could immediately feel the muscles in my neck, shoulders and lower back relax. She put on some relaxing music while she attended to another patient next door. The 15-20 minutes or so relaxing with the music and acupuncture felt like heaven. I was definitely more relaxed in my shoulders and neck in the days that followed.

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    Hentie (29) Acupuncture at work - EY Channel Islands
  • Lorna has come into our offices for the past three years and run acupuncture sessions as part of our annual Health and Wellbeing month. Staff are able to sign-up for 40 minute consultations and treatments, the feedback from staff has been excellent and I would highly recommend Lorna and Health Point Clinic. Sitting at a desk all day I suffered from lower back pain, after just one short session I could really notice the difference.

    Peter (26): Acupuncture at work - EY Channel Islands
  • After trying all sorts of massages and treatments to relieve my tight neck and shoulders, I tried acupunture with Lorna. Not only did I feel reassured by her professional approach but she administered a number of needles specifically into the areas of tension. After just one session the tightness had released which exceeded my expectations of the treatment. I would highly recommend her as an excellent therapist and practitioner!

    Alex (29): Acupuncture
  • I went to see Lorna as I had injured my shoulder, however after a detailed consultation Lorna also reviewed my lower back and suggested some work could be done in that area too. The acupuncture itself was relaxing, yet at the same time I felt each 'needle' was really clearing the problem. Lorna let me know throughout the treatment what she was doing and wanted my feedback too which was comforting as it really felt like Lorna consistently cared about how I was feeling. At the end of the treatment I even had a 15-minute relax with soothing music - as relaxing as a spa treatment! So - did it work? Yes it did! Would I recommend acupuncture? Absolutely - I am going to visit Lorna again when the dreaded hay fever season starts as I think acupuncture could be the way forward for this too. The practice feels professional yet welcoming and Lorna herself exceeded my expectations.

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    Joanne (53): Acupuncture
  • I had been seeking a cure for my neck problem for nearly two years now but to no avail. Until I saw Lorna. Not only she able to alleviate my symptoms significantly, was also able to help identify the primary cause of the problem. I am now undergoing treatment with the correct professional. Something no other practitioner I have seen has been able to do. Lorna's treatment approach is second to none. A methodical and tailored treatment plan in which she inspires belief and confidence. Sometimes recovery from a long-term problem can take time. With the treatment and support I received from Lorna I am finally on the road to a full recovery. I cannot thank her enough.

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    Kate (38): Acupuncture
  • The acupuncture treatment Lorna gave me provided the relief of pain / stress that I needed for my tennis elbow. More importantly, your easy and relaxed manner was highly professional and you were able to answer all my probing questions about the acupuncture treatment in layman’s terms. Although my tennis elbow has not gone completely, the pain is insignificant and very manageable by doing the exercises and by using my elbow in ways to protect it that Lorna recommended. I will definitely recommend Health Point Clinic for acupuncture services.

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    Anne (44): Acupuncture
  • I initially went to Lorna to get some help to relax and de-stress, but after consultation Lorna identified and went on to successfully treat the pain in my neck, shoulder and arm which I had had for many years and had been told would need to be treated with steroids – something I was not keen to do. The results are amazing and have given me back full mobility. On one occasion I visited Lorna because I could not turn my head or lift my arm unaided but within 15 minutes of treatment I could swing my arm in a complete circle and turn my head fully from side to side – nothing short of miraculous! My stress levels have also reduced. Lorna is so approachable and easy to talk to - she makes you feel really relaxed and inspires confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend her. When my shoulder was particularly bad Lorna strapped it with acu-tape a number of times as I had long journeys through France to contend with and she also used it on my ankle when I twisted it and in both areas I found it to be very beneficial.

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    Hilary (52): Acupuncture
  • I have been having acupuncture for shoulder and neck problems. On my first visit Lorna took a detailed history and explained about Chinese medicine and how it can help. I was extremely impressed with the calmness of the clinic and the gentleness of her approach. After my first session there was significant improvement in the level of pain and the range of movement but alongside this for the first time in months I have had a good night sleep. Thank you Lorna for all your help.

    Carol (56): Acupuncture
  • Lorna is really helping my chronic back problem. I come into the clinic for a top up as and when is needed and her acupuncture helps to keep me going.

    John (86): Acupuncture
  • Having suffered two strokes during 2013, I have found that acupuncture is the only on going effective treatment method. The left hand side of my face no longer feels like it has been hit with a football, my headaches are gone and my left foot has finally woken up. Following treatment, I have bursts of clarity and very slowly the fog in my head is clearing.

    Matthew (43): Acupuncture
  • One visit to Lorna told me more about my condition than anyone else, she knows her subject and more, it is well worth a consultation with her.

    Jennifer (63): Acupuncture
  • Lorna's amazing, such a lovely way about her that I overcame my fear of needles and gave it a go. Turns out they're nothing like normal needles, they're tiny! Now I get regular accupuncture and it gives such a deep relief to my muscle tension and back pain. I come out feeling super relaxed with a softened back and muscles like jelly, all the tension completely gone, ready for a long deep sleep.

    Shona (36): Acupuncture
  • A midwife suggested that I try acupunture and moxibustion to help turn my persistently breach baby as a last resort before an ECV at 37 weeks. Lorna was able to help with this but also took note of other areas of concern such as lower back and hip pain. The treatment itself was very comforting and Lorna gave me a moxa stick to continue at home. Later that evening I felt some strong movements from my baby, a scan the next day showed that he had finally moved into to the correct position and no intervention was required. The tension in my lower back and hips had also relelased. I am delighted with the results and would certainly recommend Lorna to anyone with a breach baby and/or suffering during the later stages of pregnancy.

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    Lucy (33): Acupuncture
  • Lorna provided a professional service to our customers and clients. You support to our athletes was second to none and we look forward to working with you again.

    Katie - Durrell Dash - Acupuncture & massage treatments post race.
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